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P.S. Learn from Kevin as you see both his winning and losing trades.

**BONUS: Get access to my private livestreams and members-only Discord channel when you join today. Trade Alerts give you a view into some of my personal trading, they are provided for educational purposes and are not financial advice.**

Want to see some of my trades first hand?

(And learn my thoughts when I get in and out of a trade?)

You'll get access to my trade alerts when you join today so you can learn from my thoughts and strategies as I make trades along the way.

**These alerts are meant to aid your education as part of the course. They are not recommendations or financial advice - this is just an opportunity for you to have transparency into what I'm doing in part of my own personal portfolio. These trade alerts do not cover my entire portfolio and do not cover my entire trading strategy and active investments.**

Here's an example of an alert. Sometimes I'll let you know what I think the risk is (this one was YOLO level.) This is meant to give you a peek over my shoulder as I trade so you can learn my trading strategies first hand in a fun, engaging way. Trade alerts are only a portion of my trades, and alerts may not be timely with when the trades are actually placed. My trades may not be appropriate for anyone besides myself and are not to be relied on or used for any purpose other than education. Course members should not copy my trades as they may lose all of their investment funds.

Note: The fundamentals of this course are how to build LONG-term wealth, not how to gamble with YOLO call options. But when I do, I'm happy to share my thoughts and share my journey of the trade with you!

The Best Investment Is The One You Make In YOURSELF.

You'll Learn Essential, Long-Term Wealth Building Lessons Like...

  • Fundamental Stock Analysis, Company Valuations
  • Stock Trading, Stock Margin, Options, Technical Analysis
  • Family Finance
  • Negotiating Raises
  • Passive Income
  • Employment Tricks and Hacks
  • Tax Strategies to Keep More $$$
  • And much more…

And peek over my shoulder to watch and learn from my trades! (These are not financial advice.)

***Although Kevin Paffrath is a licensed financial advisor and holds multiple licenses, none of the content in this course, including the livestreams and trade alerts, is to be considered financial advice. As of June 2024, Kevin does not currently have financial advice clients and does not hold himself out as providing personalized financial advice to any individual. Kevin does advise and control the allocation decisions for his actively managed ETF, The Meet Kevin Pricing Power ETF.***

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Bonus #1

How To Use “Analysis Paralysis” To

Trick Your Brain Into Being Productive

Ever feel like you’re overwhelmed with work… stressed out about finances… or maybe even depressed about your current situation?

It’s been proven over and over again…

You don’t find happiness by becoming wealthy…

But you can create wealth by being happy.

So this bonus is all about the strategies I use to INSTANTLY BREAK FREE of that paralysis and move on with a productive (and happy) day.

Not all of these tricks will work for everyone…

But with 8 full modules to pick from, likely AT LEAST a few of these will take you from bored to PUMPED in a heartbeat.

Bonus #2

Start A Business With CASH-FLOW On Practically Day UNO

There’s a full section in this course about how to negotiate with your boss for a higher salary.

That’s incredibly important…

But one way to increase your salary is to get rid of needing your boss altogether — to start your own business.

It’s the American way.

But 90% of startups fail within their first 2 years, for a stupidly simple reason…

Because for long-term success, it’s important to start a business the RIGHT way.

So when a teenager asked me how to start her first business…

I told her to ignore most of what she’d learned already and gave her 9 short lessons that primed her business to be successful.

Well, now you’ll get those 9 easy-to-follow videos to help kickstart your business today.

Follow these simple steps, and your business could start paying you on DAY 1.

Bonus #3

The Golden Fundamental

Analysis Blueprint

This course runs from simple to advanced…

And here’s where our stock analysis training gets serious.

But “Advanced” doesn’t have to mean “difficult.”

For starters, you’ll get a hands-on demonstration of my simplest “green light factors” for any stock.

Then, we'll get into the nitty-gritty.

I'm talking about my fundamental analysis approach that's behind what initially convinced me to make TSLA one of my top positions years ago.

Jump In Before The Next Price Change.

Hope to see you on the private livestreams and in the Discord server!

Say hi when you get inside!

And remember, although I am a licensed financial advisor, this is NOT financial advice, just education. =)

- Meet Kevin, Lauren, Jack, and Max

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My most popular course: Master Stocks and The Psychology of Money — The ULTIMATE Course to learn to grow your net worth, generate passive income, watch my live market commentary, learn from my real trades, and enjoy life NOW

  • Fundamental Stock Analysis, Company Valuations

  • Stock Trading, Stock Margin, Options, Technical Analysis

  • Family Finance

  • Negotiating Raises

  • Passive Income

  • Employment Tricks and Hacks

  • Tax Ideas and Ideas for Retiring Early

  • And much more…

  • Bonus #1: Starting Out: Productivity Secrets — The 8 Psych-Strategies I use to de-stress my brain and have a productive day — every day. Mindset is everything!

  • Bonus #2: Starting a Business — The same guide I'd give my family. Exactly how to start a business the RIGHT way… and jumpstart your cash flow on DAY 1.

  • Bonus #3: Advanced Stock Fundamental Analysis — “Advanced” doesn’t have to mean “hard.” This is a stock analysis strategy that is designed for even beginners to learn from.

  • Bonus #4: Options Strategies and More — The crew in Discord asked for it… so I’ve recorded a MASSIVE series on Options the Meet Kevin way… plus FULL training on Stock Margins, Momentum Trading, Technical Analysis and Other Trading Strategies.

  • Bonus #5: Lifetime Access to My Private Live Streams & Discord Server — If you want to catch my live stock analysis on my private live streams, ask questions, or just want to hang out with like-minded people… this is the place to be!

  • Bonus #6: Free Unlimited Access To My Trade Alerts— Just like it says, I'll post some of the trades I'm making in my portfolio and explain my thoughts and strategy behind them so you can better learn my trading strategies.

  • My philosophy is to build LONG-TERM wealth and day trading is a relatively small part of my portfolio. You will also see some of my long-term trades and the strategies behind them.


Every day the market is open, we'll go LIVE to share my thoughts on the current state of the market.

This is also the best place to ask me questions about the course!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be sharing exactly what stocks you’ll be buying and selling?

Yes! I send trade alerts to review some of the real trades I make in my portfolio. I'll tell you what I'm buying and selling and my thoughts and strategies behind those trades. You'll get to learn from both my winning trades and also my losing trades. Again, these trade alerts are meant strictly for education so that you can learn as I put my trading strategies into action. They are not meant for you to copy as my trades may be completely inappropriate for you, and the trade alerts may not be posted in real time and will not include all trades placed across my portfolio. But, you will get to peek over my shoulder to see both the good and bad of some of my real trades.

When does the course start and finish?

Like I said earlier, I’m not a mind reader. I don’t know where you are on your journey. That’s why this course is ON-DEMAND. You can rush through it… or take your time. Whatever works best for YOU.

How long will I have access?

The minute you confirm your membership, you have permanent, lifetime access to the FULL course — including modules I’ll add in the future.

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Learn Essential Wealth Building Lessons Like...

  • Fundamental Stock Analysis, Company Valuations
  • Stock Trading, Stock Margin, Options, Technical Analysis
  • Family Finance
  • Negotiating Raises
  • Passive Income
  • Employment Tricks and Hacks
  • Tax Strategies and Ideas for Retiring Early
  • And much more…

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