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  • $0 to Millionaire Real Estate Investor Course
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  • Real Estate Agent Sales Course
  • Make Money with Youtube Course
  • Stocks & The Psychology of Money Course
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*Course livestreams may end with 6-month notice. Meet Kevin has made this disclaimer for over 5 years now and continues to conduct livestreams, so we don't expect these to end anytime soon.

Your one-stop shop for building your wealth:

  • Tax Strategies
  • Real Estate Investing
  • A.I.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity
  • Company Formation and LLCs
  • Property Management
  • Stocks & Bonds
  • Negotiating
  • Business Communication
  • Retirement Maximization
  • Psychology and Mindset
  • Risk & Reward Scenarios
  • Family Finance
  • Passive Income
  • Valuing Real Estate
  • Insurance & Liability Protection
  • Creating Contracts
  • Marketing and Monetization
  • Side Hustles
  • Evaluating Business Ideas
  • Live Real Estate Deal Analysis
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Buy & Sell Alerts

Your one-stop shop for building your wealth:

  • Tax Strategies
  • Real Estate Investing
  • A.I.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity
  • Company Formation and LLCs
  • Property Management
  • Stocks & Bonds
  • Negotiating
  • Business Communication
  • Retirement Maximization
  • Psychology and Mindset
  • Risk & Reward Scenarios
  • Family Finance
  • Passive Income
  • Valuing Real Estate
  • Insurance & Liability Protection
  • Creating Contracts
  • Marketing and Monetization
  • Side Hustles
  • Evaluating Business Ideas
  • Live Real Estate Deal Analysis
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Buy & Sell Alerts
  • And Much More!

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Topics include how to:

1. Buy Your First House

2. NEVER Pay Taxes in America

3. Renovate Real Estate

4. Fundamentally Analyze Stocks

5. Start a PROFITABLE Side Hustle

6. Boost Your Productivity

7. How to Negotiate Any Deal & Win

8. Sell Anything to Anyone

9. Speak & Present with Confidence

10. And many more including nutrition for entrepreneurs and other important topics.

COURSE #1: Stocks & the Psychology of Money

Private livestream access & buy-and-sell alerts included.

*Get access to the NEW live trading challenge when you join today*

  • Fundamental Stock Analysis, Company Valuations
  • Stock Trading, Stock Margin, Options, Technical Analysis
  • Family Finance
  • Negotiating Raises
  • Passive Income
  • Employment Tricks and Hacks
  • Tax Suggestions and Strategies for Retiring Early

PLUS, Get My “Buy and Sell” Alerts!

COURSE #2: $0-Millionaire Real Estate investing

Learn how to build a real estate portfolio the Meet Kevin way!

  • How to build your net worth nearly instantly with Wedge Deals
  • The art of negotiation and deal-making
  • How to find cash flow and passive income to be a lifestyle millionaire investor.
  • The psychology of investing in real estate and mastering deals.
  • How to communicate with contractors, agents, lenders.
  • How to start from $0, $20k, $150k or $500k
  • How to invest at 19 vs. 30 vs. 50+ years old

COURSE #3: Make Money & Get Sh9t Done Faster Featuring A.I.

Grow your income and build your cash war chest!

Harness the power of AI to make more money and save time as an employee, entrepreneur, or student.

If you've wanted to unlock next-level productivity, boost profit, and get more done, the new updated A.I. course is for you.

COURSE #4: DIY Property Management & Renovations

Increase your profits and minimize your headaches!

  • Inside the Minds of Tenants & Landlords
  • The Ideal Rental Property
  • Rental Renovations & The Uniform
  • Finding and Paying Contractors and Handy People
  • Valuing Rental Real Estate So You Don't Overpay
  • Contracts And How To Safely Structure Deals
  • Liability: Protecting Your Property

COURSE #5: Make Passive Income on YouTube

Build & scale your own channel with my tested strategies!

  • Can you Make Good Money Fast? (Spoiler: Yes: Proof of $1,000,000+ Ad Revenue).
  • Algorithm Plan: The Perfect Video Length, the Algorithm Myth, and SEO.
  • The highest-paid sectors on Youtube, the best engagement strategies, and the biggest dangers.
  • Why videos fail and the most common mistakes. The TRUTH about viral videos.
  • My complete editing workflow, all of my tricks on setup, audio, and editing.
  • My 5 steps to producing content FAST (this is worth the full price for the course alone).
  • Monetization, basic business setup, and collaborations!

COURSE #6: Real Estate Sales Mastery

Get more clients, charge full commissions, and deliver more value!

  • The psychology of modern sales in real estate (not dated, sleazy techniques that don't work anymore).
  • Become a true professional, not just another salesperson.
  • Build value so high you'll be able to charge full commissions.
  • Communicate with contractors, agents, lenders, and others to get the best success for you and your clients.
  • Much more than real estate sales: Change your mindset and become a top-producing, No-Pressure Agent ®.
  • When you master this lifestyle, motivated clients and any of your visions will be significantly easier to attain.

Total Value Purchased Separately: $11,150

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Bonus #1

How To Use “Analysis Paralysis” To

Trick Your Brain Into Being Productive

Ever feel like you’re overwhelmed with work… stressed out about finances… or maybe even depressed about your current situation?

It’s been proven over and over again…

You don’t find happiness by becoming wealthy…

But you can create wealth by being happy.

So this bonus is all about the strategies I use to INSTANTLY BREAK FREE of that paralysis and move on with a productive (and happy) day.

Not all of these tricks will work for everyone…

But with 8 full modules to pick from, I guarantee at least a few of these will take you from bored to PUMPED in a heartbeat.

Bonus #2

Access To The Member-Only Live
Streams & Private Discord Server

This is where the magic happens.

Live streams? YEP

Live trading? CHECK

Ask me a direct question? YOU GOT IT

Live advice from a generous community who are very familiar with building wealth? ABSOLUTELY

So if you’ve got a question…

If you’ve got a burning issue in your life and you want my perspective on it…

My private livestreams are what you’re looking for.

Plus, I get to see what ideas you’re interested in, so I can create lectures or expand ProfitPortal to fit your needs.

And of course, you’ll get…

Bonus #3


This bonus is simple.

When you sign up for ProfitPortal, you get access to my trades AS I MAKE THEM. You'll get an almost instant alert when I buy or sell a stock or crypto asset.

Obviously, I can’t guarantee every trade will be a winner for me… (they won't all be winners, but hopefully most will be.)

But if you want to learn how I trade — this is the best way to get started.

(Plus, you know I do some serious research for each trade, so you’re only getting high-quality information).

Jump In Before The Next Price Increase.

  • Lifetime access to all current and future lectures to learn the principles
  • Access to the private discord channels to be supported in the community
  • Access to member-only livestreams to adapt to current conditions
  • Access to buy & sell alerts to see exactly what Kevin is trading in his portfolio

Join Now To Get Lifetime Access To These BONUSES Too:

  • Bonus #1: Starting Out: Productivity SecretsThe 8 Psych-Strategies I use to de-stress my brain and have a productive day — every day. Mindset is everything!

  • Bonus #2: Starting a BusinessThe same guide I give out to my family… Exactly how to start a business the RIGHT way… and jumpstart your cash flow on DAY 1.

  • Bonus #3: Advanced Stock Fundamental Analysis“Advanced” doesn’t have to mean “hard.” This is my big-brain stock analysis strategy that even a newbie could follow.

  • Bonus #4: Options Strategies and MoreThe crew in Discord asked for it… so I’ve recorded a MASSIVE series on Options the Meet Kevin way… plus FULL training on Stock Margins, Momentum Trading, Technical Analysis and Other Trading Strategies.

  • Bonus #5: Lifetime Access to My Private Live Streams & Discord ServerIf you want to catch my live stock analysis on my private live streams, ask questions, or just want to hang out with like-minded people… this is the place to be!

  • Bonus #6: Free Unlimited Access To Buy & Sell Alerts For Trades I MakeJust like it says. I’ll bring you in right when I make a trade, explain my strategy, so you know exactly what I'm doing in my own portfolio. We'll even do some of these live together.

Check out what people are sharing in the Discord server =)

Alex is now able to live off passive income…

Dominus and Jetah, are happy about a TSLA trade I discovered (thanks to a unique piece of information I found with the VERY SAME fundamental analysis technique you’ll learn in this course)…

And Mo, who says the course was worth 10x the price…

Or Sejis who used the lectures to make more money than they could in a FULL YEAR at their job.

Jump In Before The Next Price Increase.

Hope to see you on the private livestreams and the Discord server!

Say hi when you get inside!

And remember, although I am a licensed financial advisor, this is NOT financial advice. =)

- Meet Kevin, Lauren, Jack, and Max

What you're getting with any Meet Kevin course you join today:

Here are the extra perks that are included when you join this course or any other Meet Kevin course. These are only guaranteed and grandfathered in to your order if you join while this section is live on the site.


Course Member Livestreams

Every day the market is open, come live with Kevin to analyze current events together and strategize on building wealth. You'll also get the archive which includes an analysis of over 200 companies.


Lifetime Access to Current + New Content With No Recurring Costs

Join now for one price and get access to all current and new course content for life! No recurring or subscription needed!


Priority for Being Chosen for a Free Meet Kevin House Call

Course members get priority when it comes to meet ups, events, and free "Meet Kevin House Calls" to meet and chat with Kevin in person!


Best Price Guarantee

The prices of our courses go up over time. There won't ever be a better time to join again.


Q&A with Kevin

Ask Kevin any questions directly! You can do this on the live streams during the Q&A portion. This is the best way to ask him any questions!


Every day the market is open, we'll go LIVE to discuss the most crucial things going on right now and how I'll be investing that day.

You'll be able to ask me questions live - about specific stocks, the overall macro, or anything you want! 

Eventually we will likely charge monthly for these livestreams as a subscription. 

But if you join today you'll be grandfathered in to continue receiving these livestreams free of charge!

This could save you thousands over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be sharing exactly what stocks you’ll be buying and selling?

Yes! When I make a trade, I’ll send an alert LIVE in the Discord along with WHY I’m buying or selling. Whether it’s a short-term trade, options or just to hodl… you’ll hear about it first. Again, this is not made to be a stock recommendation and this is not financial advice. This is offered so you have transparency as to what I'm doing in my own portfolio.

When does the program start and finish?

As I said earlier, I’m not a mind reader. I don’t know where you are on your journey. That’s why ProfitPortal is ON-DEMAND. You can rush through it… or take your time. Whatever works best for YOU.

How long will I have access?

The minute you confirm your membership, you have permanent, lifetime access to the FULL program — including all modules I’ll add in the future.

Is the price really going up soon?

Pricing for all of my courses increases regularly (almost every month), so if you don’t act now, yes, you will pay more in the future. That means there won't be a better time to join again than RIGHT NOW.

Hey, Meet Kevin here… 

And right now if you're still reading this then you haven't joined yet... so I want you to put away your credit card (for now).

I’m not going to ask you to buy anything.

I do things differently, and that’s probably why you’re on this page.

So put down the plastic, and see why a huge number of my subscribers are diving into my programs to:

  • Grow their net worth…

  • Enjoy passive income streams…

  • And live a better life starting now — literally TODAY.

Because so far I’ve put out over 3,014 videos on YouTube…

That’s over 1,450 hours of sharing my financial experiences.

Tons of ideas I've used to grow my net worth to over $40 million…

And a lot of the basics behind those ideas are FREE on YouTube.

But if you don’t have 1,450 hours to piece together every lesson I’ve taught from every video…

And you’d rather get ALL my wealth-building strategies in a neatly organized, super-condensed, easy to learn package

As I dive deep into vital topics to grow your net worth in a way you've never seen from me before...

Well, that’s exactly why I put these courses together for you!

Plus, the level of detail and range of topics I cover in these courses can't even be found on YouTube... even if you did sift through that 1,450 hours of video content!

And that's just the start.

Because if you’re like most people…

You want more time AND money.

So that’s why in ProfitPortal, each module is arranged in a very specific order…

Where all you need to do is watch the video, absorb the simple lesson, then move on to the next.

Each video is designed to get you one-step closer to growing your net worth.

And most of them are between 2 and 5 minutes long — so they’re quick and easy to digest.

And every video holds a secret to wealth building, including critical lessons that changed my life:

  • Get a 30% raise, without negotiating? Watch how this "Boob Light" psychology trick gets you paid more, without even talking to your boss.
  • How walking differently tricks your brain into spending less (studied by neuroscientists.)
  • Before you buy your next car, see how this often-ignored “BB Stimulus” could get you a 40% discount from the premium model, AND help you get $10k in stocks.
  • A “wealth nexus” found in every state across America, where you’ll find the biggest opportunities that make you the most money, in the least amount of time (and you don’t even have to live there to get all the benefits).
  • The “700:1 Blueprint” that turns $700 invested per month into $1.3 million (this isn’t a gimmick, it’s an actual spreadsheet that reveals EXACTLY what you need to grow tiny sums of cash into a huge net worth over time).
  • How a “neurodrip” puts your brain into a money-making mode, even if you don’t know where to start, or you’re worried about making the wrong choice.
  • The connection between eggs and the stock market? Here’s how Warren Buffet’s “hidden advantage” can grow your wealth (even if you’re making minimum wage in the mountains of West Virginia).

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned on my path to 8-figures…

Everything comes down to just ONE goal (more on that in a second)...

Because if you want passive income

Real estate, dividend, or side-hustle income…

Or you want to win BIG trades…

Those aren’t your goal. 

…they’re just noise.

So for anyone who’s ready to break the “paycheck to paycheck” cycle

So you can retire early

And live a great life doing what you actually LOVE…

Then focus on the one goal that makes it all happen…

The one idea that made me grow to multi-millionaire:

>>> Your net worth is the ONLY thing that really matters. <<<

Because when you build your net worth…

Passive income becomes easier…

Retiring early becomes easier…

Spending time (and money) on the things you love

Much easier.

And that’s why these courses are so important, because it’s full of powerful techniques designed to boost your net worth:

  • The “Capitalist Credit” that pays you to borrow money (it’s not another credit card, because it’s just another technique the wealthy use to grow their net worth)..
  • The “Drop Dead” clock that rocketed my net worth, and put an end to family cycles of financial despair.
  • How to diversify the RIGHT way using the “ice cream rule”, and the forgotten wisdom that made Warren Buffett rich. 
  • How to spot a fake billionaire at a steakhouse (and why you might want to copy his very next move for an early retirement).
  • How getting a “Happy-Jacket” tricks your mind into focusing on money-making activities, without actually working harder.
  • The two words that solve almost any investing problem, even if you don’t have much money to invest in the first place.
  • 15 proven secrets to passive income (I’ve personally tested a ton of them, and these are the ones I think are worth trying).

But it actually gets crazier, for example, did you know you could…

Get An Up To 15% Boost To Your Wealth

With Just One Small Portfolio "Setting"?

And it works whether you’ve got $100 in the bank, or $100 million.

Let me explain…

We all know someone who uses, WealthFront, or Acorns to manage their money…

And it’s a good idea, in theory…

But did you know most people use these apps so poorly… it actually COSTS them money?

It sounds good to have all of your income and expenses laid out in one spot — easy to read.

But there’s a problem…

When you see everything in one place…

It gives you the “feeling” of being wealthier than you should.

And that’s where you’re getting screwed.

Because when you “feel” wealthy…

You become more LOOSE with your money.

So there’s a different strategy I follow…

One you can start using today.

It’s part of what I call “stealth wealth”...

And it’s this exact mindset the most successful people use to grow their money quickly…

Even if they started from below the poverty line.

Like Terzel Ron, the 25-year-old son of immigrants who grew up sharing a one bedroom apartment with his parents and 3 siblings…

But now makes $150,000 a year and is able to invest HALF of it to grow his net worth.

Imagine being able to invest $75,000 a year? 

It’s possible thanks to “stealth wealth.”

And there’s Lu Wang, the 31-year old dentist with $750,000 in the bank — who is set to retire by age 42 thanks to “stealth wealth”… 

Then Steve and Courtney Adcock. 

A couple in their mid-thirties and retired with $870,000 in the bank.

These people hold the same mindset — “stealth wealth.”

In other words?

It means to keep a low profile.

So instead of getting caught up in the next meme stock…

Focus on building your net worth, so you can spend more time with your family, and enjoy your life.

But that’s only ONE simple philosophy...

Tap into my experience, mindset, and philosphies on success.

These courses are not a collection of “theories”...

It’s every idea I used to grow my own wealth with stocks, income and credit…

And you’ll see how to apply my strategies to help create your dream life.

But whatever that dream is — it makes sense to start growing your net worth RIGHT NOW.

And that’s one reason these courses are so popular…

It gives you everything you need to get started TODAY.

Not “in a few days”…

Not tomorrow…


Every module gives actionable information.

Whether you’re making $30k a year with nothing to your name…

Or taking home a $300k salary, but drowning in debt… Or you're already well on you way to your first million or more...

Your starting point doesn’t matter.

I had one goal in mind when I put these courses together…

I wanted to prove something to people who grew up like me.

My parents divorced when I was 7…

I watched my Dad suffer the pain of losing our home…

…and I was almost trained to be a slave to money, instead of using it to my advantage.

It left me permanently scarred…

And oddly, it also gave me hope.

Because there’s NEVER been a better time in history to start building your net worth. If you don't know exactly why I'm saying that then it's not your fault...

Nobody’s Ever Taught You This Before

…and we’re often trained to do the OPPOSITE of what makes you wealthy.

In school, they never taught you how to invest for your future…

How to file your taxes…

Or even how to manage your money at all.

Instead you learned that a^2 + b^2 = c^2…

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell!!!

And why you need to get good grades…

All for the opportunity to choke down a $60k student loan for a degree nobody cares about.

So it’s no surprise up to 70% of millennials are living paycheck to paycheck.

Point is?


We’ve been set up to fail... or at least not set up to succeed.

But that’s why I’m here.

To kill the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle once and for all.

To get you on the right track.

To give you the wisdom we ALL wish we had growing up.

Of course, I can’t be there for everyone…

Most people are afraid of change. 

They’d rather be certain of their misery, than risk being happy.

So they stay where they’re at and don't push out their comfort zone even though that's where all progress really begins.

But if you’re a viewer of my channel, that means you’re probably different.

It means you’re ready to grow and invest in your growth.

And that's what ProfitPortal is all about.

Join Before The Next Price Increase.

  • Lifetime access to all current and future lectures to learn the principles
  • Access to the private discord channels to be supported in the community
  • Access to member-only livestreams to adapt to current conditions
  • Access to buy & sell alerts to see exactly what Kevin is trading

**Join Before The Price Increases Again**

Now I want you to keep two things in mind:

First, there’s no such thing as “short term.”

If you’re ready to grow your net worth with me — we’re in it for the long haul.

That means taking a small amount of money, and growing it over time into a massive net worth.

Second, because we’re in it for the long term…

The sooner you get started, the more money you can make and compound.

But if this isn’t for you, I understand.

Someone taught me a long time ago, there are only two types of people…

Some people will see a great opportunity laid out right in front of them…

The opportunity to finally break free of their negative lifestyle, to become who they always dreamed they’d be.

…but they’ll STILL turn it down, because they feel like they’re not ready to make a decision.

For those people, they spend their whole lives missing opportunities…

Yet they’re still waiting for that next one to come.

But there’s another group of people…

These people recognize valuable opportunities when they're staring them in the face. 

They won’t wait to act…

They’ll act NOW, because they know that opportunities don’t sit around waiting for them to make a decision…

The best opportunities in life are like ships waiting in the harbor…

And this ship is about to sail.

So I’m not sure what kind of person you are…

But I DO know who I can help.

So if you’re the kind of person who’s ready to act on this opportunity to learn how to grow your net worth…

Click the link below, and I’ll see you on the other side.

- Meet Kevin


Jump In Before The Next Price Increase.

DON'T MISS OUT: Prices Increase Over Time

Learn Essential Wealth Building Lessons Like...

  • Fundamental Stock Analysis, Company Valuations, Stock Trading, Stock Margin, Options, Technical Analysis
  • Family Finance, Negotiating Raises, Employment Tricks and Hacks
  • Passive Income and Building Salary Replacing Income
  • Real Estate Investing At $10k, $50k, $100k, $1M+ net worth.
  • Tax Suggestions and Strategies for Retiring Early
  • And much more…

Without the right knowledge about money and how to invest it, it can be hard to get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck trap and get off the sort of hamster wheel people stay on for sometimes their entire lives.

Learn the principles now that can help you grow your passive income, negotiate better pay, build wealth, and finally get on the right path to retire early.

I see people my age and decades older struggling to make ends meet, stuck throwing their money away paying rent because they don’t know how they can afford a downpayment, and not really seeing a way out.

And it's not their fault...

Maybe you didn't grow up in a household that taught the principles and psychology of money like Suzi who was just trying to get by...

If you're still putting it off... consider these 3 reasons you should join now (and one secret super important reason).

Reason you should join now #1:

You being able to get on the right path at the earliest time possible is a huge deal for your compounding wealth. 

Waiting another year before learning the psychology of money or making a poor financial decision now could significantly affect your total wealth in the long term.

Basically, the sooner you set your path to understanding money and mastering your finances, the better.

The sooner you can get out of the paycheck to paycheck trap and start getting your money to work for you, the better.

The sooner you clean up and optimize your investment strategy, the better. 

Reason you should join now #2:

The price you’re seeing for the courses right now won’t be around for long.

**There have already been several price increases, and the price will continue to rise regularly as more and more people join the program, we continue to add lectures, and we have to support the community.**

When you join today, you’ll lock in lifetime access and get all the bonuses.

Reason you should join now #3:

Remember, you might be able to write off this entire program from your taxes. So, you’ll want to check with your CPA on that. The real cost of this program to you could be far less than the price on this page.

I’ve put the most valuable knowledge I have about all things money into these courses. So, if you want to learn how to use the same principles and strategies that have helped me build my net worth, click on the button below.

Join me on this journey to wealth as you master your money, finances, and your own psychology.

I want to leave you with one last thought. 

And... If those 3 weren't enough, here's the BIGGEST reason WHY you should join today:

When it comes to investing...

Investing in your own knowledge and skills is something that pays you back many, many times over... For life.

By far, the best investment you can make is one in yourself.

I hope you choose to invest in yourself today.

There won’t be a better time for you to learn the concepts in these courses, and the price will be going up in the future. 

Thanks so much and I hope to see you inside!

ProfitPortal: The Ultimate Education

Get Lifetime Access To All Full-Blown Courses, Livestreams, Buy-Sell Alerts, & Crash Courses!

  • Complete Access: $0 to Millionaire Real Estate Investor
  • Complete Access: DIY Property Management & Rental Renovations
  • Complete Access: How to Make More Money and Get Sh9t Done Faster, with Al
  • Complete Access: Real Estate Agent Sales
  • Complete Access: Make Money with Youtube
  • Complete Access: Stocks & The Psychology of Money
  • ALL TWENTY TWO (22) Crash Courses!
  • Lifetime Access to Course Livestreams*
  • Access to Invest in HouseHack
  • ALL Buy and Sell Alerts for Stocks and Options!
  • Discounted Access to StackHack licensed financial advice.
  • Complete Access: Private Discord Chat

Total Value Purchased Separately: $11,150

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