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  • How to build your net worth with Wedge Deals
  • The art of negotiation and deal-making
  • How to find cash flow and passive income to be a lifestyle investor.
  • The psychology of investing in real estate and mastering deals.
  • How to communicate with contractors, agents, lenders.
  • How to start from $0, $20k, $150k or $500k
  • How to invest at 19 vs. 30 vs. 50+ years old

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What if you could take all my real estate knowledge and download it into your mind -- for you to use and for you to profit from?

That’s why I created this program! It's the closest way I could give you my decade+ knowledge and experience so you don't have to learn the hard way! Elon's Neuralink doesn't allow me to transfer that info into your brain directly, so we're doing this though a high quality course!

For those who don't know... I went from being just a regular guy working at Jamba Juice who has then gone on to own $20 million in real estate.

Real estate has changed my life.

Not many people realize that real estate investing is why I had a net worth in the millions even before I even started making any real money on YouTube.

And before you think "ahh, I don't think I have the cash right now to build my real estate portfolio"...

...remember, I started from scratch.

🔰 I came from a broken, immigrant home with divorced parents.

🔰 I left home and stepped into the world with no money.

🔰 I worked several jobs (like Jamba Juice) that left me unhappy and unfulfilled.

🔰 I saved what I could and invested every penny.

🔰 My net worth was in the millions before any significant "YouTube money"

I got into my first property at 19 and it boosted my net worth by around $100,000. This was when I only had about $9,000 in the bank. 

More on how I did that later...

Maybe right now investing in real estate feels out of reach.

You might be in a paycheck-to-paycheck loop.

I actually recommend that the first $20k you have you use towards real estate. Not trying to do stock options first which many of you are doing...

Read that again...

Even if your credit isn't perfect yet, even if you have to take a higher rate, or pay mortgage insurance... you need to figure out how to get into real estate now.

This way, you can build a base where you're controlling hundreds of thousands of dollars of net worth.

Or maybe you’re already well on your way to growing your real estate investments, but you want to learn ways to accelerate them and build more passive income?

Would it be nice if...

You could use the real estate strategies that have helped me grow my wealth even if you:

Have ZERO Investing Experience.

✅ Have SOME Investing Experience.

✅ You're Looking for Passive Income and Cashflow.

✅ You're Looking for a Side-Hustle to Build Wealth.

✅ You're Hunting for Deals (Including wholesaling topics!).

✅ You're Licensed OR NOT.

✅ You Speak English (Useful Globally / Internationally).

Or you are...

✅ A Brand-New Investor ($0 Net Worth) -- You'll get my step-by-step guide.

✅ A Somewhat Experienced Investor ($25,000-250,000 Net Worth).

✅ An Experienced Investor ($250,000+ Net Worth).

✅ ALSO this is extremely useful for: Agents, brokers, lenders, CPAs, & industry members

(Your clients expect you know this; why not make it easy for you to make sure you do?)

You'll be able to benefit from the 360+ lifetime-access lectures no matter where you are in your journey with real estate investing.

If you know me and my story, you know that I was a guy working at Jamba Juice who now has over $20 million in real estate.

I was also a busboy cleaning off plates of hamburgers at Red Robin...

When I became an adult, I stepped out into the world with pretty much zero money.

I started with nothing and have built a net worth that to me thinking about how far I’ve come - is pretty crazy.

I work now, not because I have to. I do it because I’m passionate about helping others learn from my mistakes and gain any perspectives I’ve found on my journey.

When I was making those tasty drinks for thirsty customers at Jamba Juice, I secretly plotted my escape.

I grew my skills, learned a ton, and started investing anything I could.

Even before my YouTube income, I grew my net worth into the millions through some hard work and good financial decision-making.

It’s been a while now that I could have retired and moved somewhere else with maybe a Mediterranean climate like the French Riviera or something… but I love teaching this stuff.

If I had to tell you one thing about growing your net worth, it would be this: START NOW...


Don’t wait any longer to learn the principles that can help you grow your income, investments, and wealth.

Start today.

You need to get on the exponential net worth curve as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the better. 

You do not want to wait on this. 

So if you're wondering...

“If I wanted to start now, where would I even begin, or what would I do next?”

Well, that’s why I created this course...

To help you grow your net worth with the power of Real Estate Investing.

I break everything down for you in an organized, easy-to-understand way.

This program is about the psychology needed to succeed as a Millionaire investor for life, the art of negotiation and deal-making, and how to make passive income and cash flow.

I want everyone who goes through this program to walk away feeling confident about real estate investing, dealing with sellers and buyers, inspections, renovations, hacks and pitfalls, investing methods, tax strategies and so much more.

We’ll talk about shopping for real estate, valuations, and financing.

We’ll cover the exact steps to START today, whether you're starting with $0 or with $1,000,000+.

If you’re already making good money, this course will help you get to that next level of wealth faster.

Maybe you even want to learn how to build generational wealth where your children’s children will benefit from your investments.

If any of this is interesting, then this course is for you. 

This course will be wide-ranging covering topics for all investors including beginner, intermediate, & advanced investing topics.

  • New investors will learn ground-up knowledge from how to start AT ANY AGE (we'll have various start points and segments to share exactly recommended courses for starting at various ages).
  • Advanced investors may benefit from a new perspective on topics they thought they were already experts on (such as negotiations, dealing with tenants and contractors, etc.).
  • About 25 to 30% of our students are international students. My aim is to teach fundamentals and principles that are applicable globally.

    Certainly, we might use specific examples to the United States, but if you understand the concepts, you will be able to apply them globally. This is why we say we like to teach rather than give you some cheat sheets simply to copy.

    People who learn this information should be able to adapt it to their local region within 20 to 30 minutes of talking to a local lender or agent.


Crucial Economic Principles for a Strong Foundation in Real Estate.

The Mentality of a Millionaire Investor.

✅ How To Start From $0, or $20k, or $150k, or $500k

✅ Special Notes for investing at 19 vs. 30 vs. 50+ years old

✅ Different Investing methods (AirBnBs, Flips, Wholesaling, and more)

✅ Finding Deals, Financing, Negotiation and Closing

✳️ New Lectures are Regularly Added (Example: Market trends or law changes).

And the goal of all this is to do it while working less, making more passive income, and finally getting onto the path to retiring early. 

"You want to get to the point of getting your money to work for you as soon as you can… instead of the other way around." 

If you have little to no investments and don’t think you have the money to start now, but you really want to build your net worth… then don’t wait. 

There’s no such thing as too early with this.

I know real estate can be scary.

We’ll cover everything you need to know to get on the right path and have the confidence to make the right financial decisions even if you don’t have faith in your current knowledge and skills. 

And, if you are already making a high income and have investments, then you’re ahead of the game.

This course will help you get to that next level faster and can help you accelerate your net worth to reach your financial goals sooner. 

This is my real life, the advice I’ve gleaned from many, the actions I’ve taken, the painful experiences and losses I’ve suffered, and the big financial wins I’ve experienced.

Also, if you’re wondering,

“But Kevin, is now a good time to invest?”

The training in this course is important no matter what the economic conditions are.

Even if the market is super heated, there are always deals to be found.

It's about knowing where to look and what to look for.

You get outsized returns on your initial investment, consider these two scenarios:

1. SAVING $10k in your bank account for 5 years...

That would give you about $10,030: a whopping $30 gain.

*According to BankRate Average Savings Rate Of .06%

2. INVESTING $10k down on a $200k property that appreciates 20% in 5 years...

That would grow your equity to $40,000: a $30,000 gain!

You just went from $10k to $40k in value. You just 4x'd your investment! That's the power of real estate. Your appreciation is based on the total value of the property-- not what you put as a down payment.

Without the right knowledge about money and how to invest it, it can be hard to get out of the paycheck to paycheck trap and get off the sort of hamster wheel people stay on for sometimes their entire lives.

Learn the principles now that can help you grow your passive income, negotiate better prices, build wealth, and finally get on the right path to retire early all using the power of real estate.

Get in with lifetime access and you'll get future lectures included for free!

Reach Your Goals Faster with Real Estate Investing

Have the clarity to know what to look for and how to get it at the best prices possible (and then what to do with it!) You'll also get...

✳️ Over 360+ HIGH-QUALITY Lectures To Master Building Your Net Worth With Real Estate!

✳️ Access To The Private Group Discord Channel And Daily Members Only Livestreams

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✳️ Set custom Playback speed.

✳️ New Lectures Regularly Added (Example: Market trends or law changes).

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I see people my age and decades older struggling to make ends meet, stuck throwing their money away paying rent because they don’t know how they can afford a downpayment, and not really seeing a way out. 

If you know how to master the game of money, you can grow your net worth despite all of these roadblocks, pitfalls, and disadvantages you might even have in your own personal situation. 

I got my first house when I was just 19. And it boosted my net worth by around $100,000. This was when I only had about $9,000 in the bank. 


I used a strategy that allowed me to put far less down than typically is required and jump into an undervalued property. 

I understood the opportunity, and I made the jump. 

So, how do you get started?

I’ve gathered all the principles that have grown my net worth and I’ve packaged them into a highly detailed and easy-to-follow course so you can benefit from all that I’ve learned.

What I’ll be sharing in this course is a unique material that I don’t share anywhere else. 

My YouTube viewership is based on hot topics with wide appeal. That’s what gets the views.

In this course, I don’t go for wide topics.

I go specific, and I go deep. 

I go deep into the strategies to build your net worth and understand money at a level you haven’t experienced before. 

Here’s a taste of a few of the modules in the course out of 21 sections I’ve created to help you invest with the same principles that I have.

In Module 2, we make sure to cover one of the most overlooked but important things in investing: your mindset.

If I was you, when would I quit my job? Should you be an agent?

We'll cover the answers to these questions in this section "The Mentality of a Millionaire Investor".

In Module 3 we discuss your finances. Credit, Credit Cards, Compounding Interest, Future Valuations, and the Financial Dream Calculator.

We'll also cover what you can do right now to start investing in real estate.

... and credit freezes and even identity theft.

It's important to not skip this section (for obvious reasons).

In Module 4 we'll cover how to find great everything: agents, managers, lenders, contractors... your go-to connections are crucial to your success.

In Module 5 we'll cover wholesaling real estate! We'll also cover important pitfalls people get into like the "Build Fallacy" and "Pickiness Fallacy" which can be dangerous.

We'll talk about HOAs - Should you buy into one?

In Module 6 we'll cover... drumroll... FINANCING..

This is the key to your leverage... and that's why there are 95 videos on this topic (not exaggerating). I get specific so you can learn about topics like:

  • Private Mortgage Insurance To Get Low Cash Down Loans
  • Hack Appraisals During REO Deals (This ALONE Pays for the Course)
  • HELOCs To Unlock Cash From Your Property
  • The "Free Refinance"
  • Hidden Secrets To Qualify for Loans
  • Assignments (Including Wholesalers' Assignments)
  • ... and the danger of over leverage.

This section is an absolute gold mine for real estate investors.

Section 7 is on Valuation... We're talking about very important lectures like "The Market Value Range", Fatal Mistakes with Comps, Tricks To Save Deals, Cap Rates, What Locations To Invest In, and the 3 Types of Wedge Deals!

We'll also cover Expense Cutting, Rent Increases, Estimating Rent Value, Vital Info About Pools and Additions...

Section 8 is a fan favorite: Negotiation.

Do you know the BEST question to ask in a negotiation?

Make sure to watch 8.2 if you don't... this is HIGHLY IMPORTANT.

We'll cover how to fish for info and how to deliver that info but when dealing with buyers and sellers.

We'll also cover the exact terms to give as a buyer and as a seller. This could make or break your deals. Do you ask for repairs upfront or just mention that you'll need to make them?

This section also covers Appraisals, Assessments, and Market Value.

We'll also cover my clues to run after an inspection.

Section 9: Closing Costs

Title Insurance, Escrow, Attorneys, Impounds, Taxes, and Title Binders (Save Big on your Deals).

Section 10: Inspections...

We're talking chimneys to sewers to permitting to asbestos to mudslides to mold... know the best ways to deal with these?

Section 11 is about taking things to the next level... Renovations.

Here's where you can build a ton of value in the property... but do the wrong renos and you're just throwing away money. We'll share the renos to never spend on for a sale. And the renos you should spend on for renters.

We'll share my correct way to plan and shop construction jobs.

Plus you'll see how to Hack Lowes Pricing and save 15-20% (#NotSponsored).

I'll share my Interior and Exterior template for paint, brands, sheens, accent walls and more.

Section 12 we'll cover hacks and pitfalls like:

  • Rent Hacking (AKA rent to rent)
  • Bank Hacking (to build wealth)
  • House Hacking Single Unites & Multiunits (Living for free)

And the BRRRR Method + Cashflow Psychology Pros and Cons...

We'll talk about the Investing Methods in Section 13. There are many ways to make money with real estate, we'll cover the most popular types in this section.

  • Wholesaling (how to flip a contract and assignments)
  • Flipping
  • Buy & Hold
  • Delaware Trusts
  • REITs
  • Syndicates
  • 401k Investing (self directed)

Section 14:

What type of property do I think is best? Single family? Condos? Multi?

I'll share my perspective on the different types of property including mobile homes, huge complexes, strip malls, office space, manufactured homes and industrial space.

After this module you'll have a clear picture of the benefits and negatives of these different types of properties.

What about AirBnB? Those owners make a killing... right?

Section 15 we get into the different principles behind land, passive income, partnerships, AirBnBs and even employees and finder fees.

Section 16 we're goin' liability protection mode.

It's just just about making $ it's about protecting yourself from the downside.

Trust me. You'll sleep better at night if you've gone through this section.

Insurances: Liability, Workers, Vacant Homes, Earthquake, Flood, Peril, Defects...

What about family trusts or LLCs? - Yep we'll cover if you should create one.

We'll also share exactly how to hide your name from public records.

Want to pay more taxes than you owe?

Probably not.

Section 17 covers the tax strategies that can allow you to defer, save, waiver, or credit...

Make sure you know about the homeowners exemption and rental hack + flip hack strategy!

We'll cover tax benefits of owner-occupied or rental property. There's also rental property loss carryover.

And of course, we'll cover 1031 exchanges and how to NEVER pay taxes on the sale of a property. PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS. (Section 17, Video 6)

Let's do a deal.

Section 18 we'll cover writing the offer -> negotiating -> opening escrow.

Also in this section remember to review the BLAME rule and how to close a successful deal.

Section 19 - Tenants and Property Management.

This can be a HUGE headache if you don't have a system for this. Copy my system and you'll be saved a ton of $, time, and bad tenant problems.

Should you do month to month or lease agreements?

From inspections to screening tenants to lawsuits, to "wear and tear" to lease agreements, to hiring a property manager, to tricks for getting paid easily and with no confrontation!

What about advertising your unit? Where do you do that?

Or what steps do you take if your tenant doesn't pay?

I've got your back in this section.

Section 20 is all about how I'd start if I was you (based on your current scenario)... like investing with:

  • $0 and Zero Income vs. $0 and some income
  • With $20k vs. $150k vs. $500k vs. $1M+
  • If you're 19 vs. 30 vs. 50+ years old

And last of all section 21.

Look, knowledge is important.

But real examples are even better.

So in this section we cover examples from tons of scenarios...


  • Comping deals
  • What happens when you can't get a fixed-rate mortgage
  • Writing Offers
  • Before and After Renos and budges
  • Gold Standard For Plumbing updates (only use this)
  • The insurance loophole that saved me $35k
  • AirBnB Cashflow Analysis and Expectations
  • Wholesaling CRMs...

Unfortunately, our education system hasn’t taught us much about finance and building personal wealth. It’s something society just leaves you to learn by yourself. It’s pretty crazy for being such an important topic for your overall “success in society” that we still don’t make it part of the core curriculums. 

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with learning by yourself. The only thing is that...

Without guidance, it takes a lot more time and you’re pretty much forced to learn from trial and error -- which can be costly and stressful... ESPECIALLY WITH REAL ESTATE INVESTING.

I’ve made many great financial decisions, but I’ve also learned the hard way and lost a ton of time and made huge money-draining mistakes that I don’t want you to repeat.

I’m here to do two things:

  • Show you what I’ve learned that has worked and
  • Help you avoid the mistakes that I’ve fallen into in the past. 

You'll even see what properties and I’m looking at now in our private Discord channel, so you’re always up to date on what I'm doing and market conditions exactly as they happen.

You'll get access to the private Discord channel which is like my inner circle.

It's where I share my perspectives on the market and my strategy behind my investments just for course members. 

So if you’re ready to take this jump - go for it and click the button below to enroll. 

Now it’s time for you to take the next step in growing your wealth and building significant net worth. If you’re not sure you’re ready yet, I encourage you to leap. 

There’s never been a better time. 

It starts now.

The decisions you make now are key to your future success.

You’ll never again be any younger than you are right now in this moment, and it’s important to start as early as you can.

Before you join, though, I do want to give you one big warning...

If you follow most of what’s in this program, there’s a good chance you’re going to build a lot of wealth. 

The only danger is forgetting that the purpose of life isn’t only about a number in your bank account, although it can make certain things a lot easier… 

When you finish this program and begin to implement these things, and you start growing your wealth, and you actually create the ability for you to retire early with passive income and free cash flow...

Remember all of what you're doing should be for the goal of living a fulfilled and happy life.

So when you go through this program, and you go through building this new life, and you start succeeding, I'm confident you will -- keep in mind that the real goal is not a number in your bank account. 

That's just a means to an end.

I want to give you the most value I possibly can. 

I want you to learn from my mistakes (so you don’t repeat them) and learn from what I’ve done right (so you can copy them).

And I want you to do this all while building a profitable real estate investment portfolio and gaining the ability to build passive income, true wealth and be on track to early retirement.

Inside the course, you’ll find the lessons I’ve learned the hard way… from thousands of hours of research and an expensive journey of trial and error.

That’s what you’re really getting when you join. 

"You’re not just getting my knowledge and perspective, but you’re getting the ability to do what I did right and know how to avoid the things I’ve done wrong."

Get Started Now And Get Lifetime Access.

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Enroll In Lifetime Access To This Course


Right now, you need to make a decision. 

It’s up to you to decide whether or not this program is worth the investment.

Just one of the lessons in this course could help you earn back your investment or save that amount in taxes for years to come. 

Heck, this entire course may even be something you can write off entirely from your taxes. Check with your CPA on that.

So is now the right time to join?


It's never too early to start investing.

That's why I have a specific plan for you whether you're at $0 or $1M+ to invest in, and whether you're 19 or 50+....

Basically, the sooner you set your path to understanding real estate investing the better.

Another reason you should consider joining soon is because the price you’re seeing for the course right now won’t be around for long.

**There have already been multiple price increases.

Also - When you join today, you’ll get bonuses which could end at any time.

Remember, you might be able to write off this entire program from your taxes. So, you’ll want to check with your CPA on that. The real cost of this program to you could be far less than the price on this page.

I’ve put the most valuable knowledge I have about real estate investing into this course. So, if you want to learn how to use the same principles and strategies that have helped me build my net worth, click on the button below.

Join me on this journey to growing your real estate investing portfolio.

I want to leave you with one last thought. 

When it comes to investing...

Investing in your own knowledge and skills is something that pays you back many, many times over... For life.

By far, the best investment you can make is one in yourself.

I hope you choose to invest in yourself today.

There won’t be a better time for you to learn the concepts in this course.

Thanks so much and I hope to see you inside!


Every day the market is open, we'll go LIVE to share my thoughts on the current state of the market.

This is also the best place to ask me questions about the course!

Eventually, we may charge monthly for these live streams as a subscription. We've thought about selling them for up to $97/month.

That would be $1,164/year!

But if you join today you'll be grandfathered in to continue receiving these livestreams free of charge!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course start and finish?
  • The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. I also keep adding content to it on a regular basis, so always check back for more updates which are included for free.
  • Is this course for beginners or advanced investors?
  • New investors will learn ground-up knowledge from how to start AT ANY AGE (we'll have various start points and segments to share exactly recommended courses for starting at various ages).
  • Advanced investors may benefit from a new perspective on topics they thought they were already experts on (such as negotiations, dealing with tenants and contractors, etc.).
  • How long will I have access for?
  • How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

**Plus, get access to my private live streams and members-only Discord channel when you join today.**

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Walk Away With The Skills And Confidence To Build Your Real Estate Portfolio.

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