Real Estate Sales: How I Went From $0 to $500k & Beyond as a No-Pressure Agent®.


For agents & brokers: Learn how to find more clients & service clients better by Providing More®.


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Learn Essential Real Estate Sales Lessons...

  • Learn the psychology of modern sales in real estate (not dated, sleazy techniques that don't work anymore).
  • Become a true professional, not just another salesperson.
    Build value so high you'll be able to charge full commissions.
  • Learn how to communicate with contractors, agents, lenders, and others to get the best success for you and your clients.
  • This is much more than an overview of real estate sales. It's a way to change your mindset and let you become a top-producing, No-Pressure Agent ®.
  • When you master this lifestyle, motivated clients and any of your visions will be significantly easier to attain.

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What if you could take all my real estate sales knowledge and download it into your mind -- for you to use and for you to profit from?

That’s why I created this program!

For those who don't know... I was just a regular guy working at Jamba Juice who has gone on to own $20 million in real estate.

Real estate has changed my life.

Not many people realize that real estate is why I had a net worth in the millions even before I even started making any real money on YouTube.

And how did I start?

As an agent.

In this program, I teach you the psychology needed to succeed as a No-Pressure Real Estate Agent® and close more deals to net more money, faster.

This means knowing more than "go do open houses" "farm expireds," and some other basic real estate textbook topics. This is much more than that.

Are you worried about not having enough listings?

How to deal with competition?

How to get more clients?

What your sales process should look like?

How to deal with unrealistic expectations?

What do you need to practice safely to avoid risk?

How do you stay on top of your back office and paperwork?

How do you stay motivated?

Is this right for me?

This course will be wide-ranging, covering topics for all investors including beginner, intermediate, & advanced sales topics.

  • New salespeople will learn ground-up knowledge from how to start AT ANY AGE and find motivated clients.
  • Advanced salespeople may benefit from a new perspective on topics and sales strategies they thought they were already experts on (such as negotiations, communication, tricks, etc.).

Is this also good for International Agents & Salespeople (outside the United States?)

Yes, it would be!

About 25 to 30% of our students are international students. Kevin aim's to teach fundamentals and principles that are applicable globally. Certainly, we might use specific examples to the United States, but if you understand the concepts, you will be able to apply them globally. This is why we say we like to teach rather than give you some cheat sheets simply to copy. People who learned this information should be able to adapt it to their local region within 20 to 30 minutes of talking to a local broker.

The principles and fundamentals of real estate sales I teach will take you to the next level of sales no matter what your experience is:

✅ Have ZERO Sales Experience.
✅ Have SOME Sales Experience.
✅ Are a Broker or Agent with YEARS of Experience.
✅ You're Hunting for More clients (Lead Gen).
✅ You're Revising and Growing Your Brand.
✅ You Speak English (Useful Globally / Internationally).
✅ You are in Any Type of Sales & Want to Learn the No-Pressure Way of Selling.

If you know me and my story, you know that I was a guy working at Jamba Juice who now has over $20 million in real estate.

I was also a busboy cleaning off plates of hamburgers at Red Robin...

When I became an adult, I stepped out into the world with pretty much zero money.

I started with nothing and have built a net worth that to me thinking about how far I’ve come - is pretty crazy.

I work now, not because I have to. I do it because I’m passionate about helping others learn from my mistakes and gain any perspectives I’ve found on my journey.

When I was making those tasty drinks for thirsty customers at Jamba Juice, I secretly plotted my escape.

I grew my skills, learned a ton, and started investing anything I could.

Even before my YouTube income, I grew my net worth into the millions through some hard work and good financial decision-making.

“If I wanted to start now, where would I even begin, or what would I do next?”

Well, that’s why I created this course...

To help teach you the specific mechanics to live the lifestyle of a No-Pressure Real Estate Agent® with Real Estate Sales.

I break everything down for you in an organized, easy-to-understand way.

This program is about the psychology needed to succeed as a real estate agent, the art of communication and deal-making, and how to become a true professional versus the average agent.

I want everyone who goes through this program to walk away feeling confident about real estate sales, dealing with both agents and clients, and so much more.

Reach Your Goals Faster with Real Estate Sales

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We'll talk about the meaning of "providing more" to your clients and how you can become an agent that is difficult to replace, including ways to set yourself apart and be DIFFERENT.

We'll also talk about the importance of being a "no-pressure agent" and how you should establish yourself as a no-pressure agent to build successful rapport with your clients.

So you want the mentality of a Millionaire Agent? I'll give it to you in ONE WORD.

We'll talk about what will make you STAND OUT as a real estate agent and close deals.

We will also talk about the Real Estate Cycle; that way, you can understand market cycles. This is critical to prepare for changing market cycles and avoid confusion during these cycles.

We'll cover both the strategies for residential and commercial real estate and the pros and cons of each.

How about how to find a brokerage? I'll talk about the essential parts of this, what to look for, the expectations you should have of brokers. We'll also talk about becoming your own broker and its advantages.

Do you know the MUSTS of communication, including communication failures?

We'll cover the ONE THING that will TRANSFORM your communication.

I'll give you my follow-up communication tricks.

You'll learn pre-transaction communication, transaction communication, and post-transaction communication to set up your transaction to be successful, happy, and chill.

I'll provide you with common responses to buyer objections, so you can avoid scripts to connect better and be more genuine with your clients.

We'll address how to handle client questions and concerns like, "What's your fee?" "I want to cancel my listing," "How do you market?" "Can you reduce your commission?" "I'm interviewing agents."

What about prospecting and lead generation? The best way to convert people is face to face.

On this topic, we'll cover:

  • The value of the open house.
  • Where to find an open house as an agent.
  • How to dress.
  • What music to play.
  • How to do a proper greeting, where to stand, what to say, the first impression.
  • Temperature, lighting, smell, and tricks.
  • The one thing that made me THOUSANDS: EduSigns, Placement, Real Estate Cycle, etc.
  • Open house invitations
  • The converting conversation
  • What you MUST Know
  • What you MUST "Hold."
  • Expireds rule #1
  • Expireds follow-up
  • and so much more.

Next, I'll dive into ADVERTISING.

You need to set up shop. Get signs. Get stationary. Don't do these things yourself.
We'll talk about outsourcing design and the most important stationery you need to have.

I'll also cover advertising funnels, retargeting, billboards and tv ads, social media advertising, and paying for leads.

How about the Sellers?

Learn about listing appointments: setting the appointment, Arriving at the appointment, Icebreaking, The Property Tour, The Strategy, Fees & Close.

How about the Buyers?

Learn Where Most Agents Fail with Buyers. Learn about Setting The Appointment. Arriving at the Appointment Icebreaking, The Search & The "Yellow Page" Strategy, what to do at showings, and addressing typical buyer concerns.

Do you want to find motivated investors? Learn how to make investors happy, get Referrals FROM Investors, build a Brand Around Investors and know the investors you DON'T want.

And, of course, we'll get into the nitty-gritty section on CONTRACTS. I'll give you my best tips on writing quality contracts. What Great Agents do and what Bad agents Get Wrong Every Time. How to deal with changes to contracts and what to always, always, always say.

And ahh, of course, what you need to know to be skilled at negotiating. I'll cover:

  • Negotiating with Seller Clients.
  • Negotiating with Buyer Clients.
  • Negotiating with Other Agents.
  • Negotiating with Contractors on Behalf of Clients.

Trust funds? What's that and how to deal with them.

Oh, and another favorite, inspections & appraisals. Learn the appraisal MUSTS.

Recommended Buyer Inspections, SEWER HACK, and Course of Action. Recommended Seller Inspections. And dealing with tenants (Sales, Showings, Inspections) and THE WORDS YOU NEVER WANT TO SAY.

Valuations and the biggest piece of the puzzle you need to understand. Not what the market did, but what the market is doing. This is very important when representing sellers.

BPOs, Short Sales, Probate, & Foreclosures.

Relationships with Lenders, Title, Insurance, and Attorneys. Strategies for building relationships with Vendors & Expectations. I recommend you never take a free lunch.

Employees. The goal is to help you scale faster, better, more efficiently. But this is also a distraction. We'll talk about the pitfalls and how determining whether you need more employees to help you or not.

The Office. Do you need one? Where should you get one?

Insurances. You need to be covered, and I'll talk about workers comp, errors and omissions, professional liability, and umbrella policies. I'll give you a breakdown as a real estate agent, not an insurance agent.

And if you're not one for organizing? Well, you better get with it, because this is the most important part you can get off building any kind of business. So I'll talk about exactly how I organize and the system I use in my life.

And most importantly, we'll talk about how you can stay motivated in this world today so you can be on your way to becoming a million-dollar agent.

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Jump in now!

Here's the breakdown of the course (so far)...

Section 1: Welcome / Announcements

✅1.1: Start Here. [Speed, Daily, Livestream Archieve].

✅1.2: DO THIS NOW: The Psychology of Sales < VERY IMPORTANT.

✅1.3: The future of the Real Estate Agent.

✅1.4: The Meaning of Providing More.

✅1.5: No-Pressure Agent.

Section 2: Mindset & Brand.

✅2.1: The Mentality of a Millionaire Agent in ONE WORD.

✅2.2: Should You, or When Can You, Quit Your Job?

✅2.3: Should You Be An Agent?

✅2.4: Communication MUSTS << Very Important.

✅2.5: Building your Personal Brand < extremely important.

✅2.6: Graciousness & The No-Pressure Agent ® < extremely important.

✅2.7: Providing More Concept ®.

✅2.8: NEVER, EVER DO THIS -- EVER -- Seriously. Psychology.

✅2.9: Can you SIDE HUSTLE Real Estate?

✅2.10: What your Days will be Like.

✅2.11: What is the Learning Curve?

✅2.12: The CONS of the Business. Things to Know.

✅2.13: The Shadow Agent.

✅2.14: The Secret Agent [How not to Start]

✅2.15: What Will Make you Stand Out & Close Deals.

✅2.16: You must be Different: Ways to be Different & Voicemail/Email Setup.

Section 3: Brokerage Model.

✅3.1: Residential vs Commercial Real Estate.

✅3.2: Finding a Brokerage [The Most Important Parts].

✅3.3: Expectations Agents should Have of Brokers.

✅3.4: Expectations Brokers should Have of Agents [The Triple].

✅3.5: What about online brokerages like EXP?

✅3.6: Becoming Your Own Broker.

✅3.7: A Mentor vs a Team.

Section 4: Communication.

✅4.1: THE ONE THING That will TRANSFORM Your Communication.

✅4.2: Followup Communication.

✅4.3: Folio < Get this. 

✅4.4 Pre-Transaction Communication for Sellers & Buyers [MUST Do for Buyers Especially]

✅4.5: Transaction Communication [Sellers & Buyers]

✅4.6: Post Transaction Communication.

✅4.7: A Preface Scripts < Important.

✅4.8: Scripts: What’s Your Fee?

✅4.9: Scripts: Cancel Listing?

✅4.10: Scripts: How Do you Market?

✅4.11: Reduce Commission.

✅4.12: I’m Interviewing Agents

Section 5: Prospecting / Lead Generation.

✅5.1: The Value of the Open House.

✅5.2: Where to Find an Open House as an Agent.

✅5.3 Open Houses: Dress.

✅5.4 The Open House: Music.

✅5.5: Open House: Greeting, Where to Stand What to Say, First Impression.

✅5.6: Open House: Temperature, Lighting, Smell, And Tricks.

✅5.7: ***This Made Me THOUSANDS: EduSigns, Placement, Real Estate Cycle, etc.*** < Extremely Important.

✅5.8: Open House Invitation

✅5.9: The Open House: Converting Conversation < EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

✅5.10: What you MUST Know (Schools, DOM, Other Activity)

✅5.11: What you MUST “Hold”. (deals).

✅5.12: The Branded Neighborhood Expert.

✅5.13: Open Houses: Loan Programs: Grants & Down PLUS Permitting!

✅5.14: Farming.

✅5.15: The Drive Around.

✅5.16: Every Flyer or Mailer Says…

✅5.17: EDDM and Finding Your Farm.

✅5.18: Facebook Advertising [Purpose]

✅5.19: Hands Down, The Best CRM [At the Best Price] and DANGER.

✅5.20: FSBO Targeting & Conversion.

✅5.21: Door Knocking Dress.

✅5.22: Door Knocking Goal.

✅5.23: Door Knocking TRACK.

✅5.24: Door Knocking Frequency.

✅5.25: Expireds Rule #1.

✅5.26: Expireds Followup.

✅5.27: The “Drive for Dollars” and Wholesaler Hustle.

Section 6: Advertising.

✅6.1: Sign Shop.

✅6.2: Online Printer.

✅6.3: Designing: Crowdspring / Fivrr.

✅6.4: The Most Important Stationary

✅6.5: Coming-soon.

✅6.6: Funnels for Advertising.

✅6.7: Retargeting & The Facebook Pixel.

✅6.8: Flyer Hacks.

✅6.8: Newspapers & Publications Tips.

✅6.9: Email MUST + “The Daily”

✅6.10: Email Steps

✅6.11: Email Signature

✅6.12: Email List

✅6.13: Car Advertising.

✅6.14: Billboards & TV Advertising.

✅6.15: The Ultimate Broker Tour.

✅6.16: Social Media: Overarching Goal.

✅6.17: Social Media: Twitter.

✅6.18: Social Media: Youtube.

✅6.19: Social Media: Instagram.

✅6.20: Social Media: Facebook Business Page & Facebook Messenger.

✅6.21: Paying for Lead Lists & Zillow Leads.

✅6.22: Website Platform & SEO Hacks.

✅6.23: The New Website Platform

✅6.24: Analytics and Website Priority.

✅6.25: Whitepages.

Section 7: Sellers.

✅7.1: Listing Appointments: Setting The Appointment.

✅7.2: Listing Appointments: Arriving at the Appointment.

✅7.3: Listing Appointments: Icebreaking.

✅7.4: Listing Appointments: The Property Tour.

✅7.5: Listing Appointments: The Strategy.

✅7.6: Listing Appointments: Fees & Close.

✅7.7: Is your Fee Negotiable?

✅7.8: Listing Appointments: Post-Meeting Followup.

✅7.9: Start this Early & Check Often.

✅7.10: Listing Remarks < Always do THIS.

✅7.11: Photography & Drones

✅7.12: Quick Photography Tips.

✅7.13: 3D Tours

✅7.14 Broker Tour Strategy & Open House Timing.

✅7.15: Consider Asking This at Listing Presentations.

✅7.16: Extras like Funnels & Ultimate Broker Tours.

✅7.17: MUST Do this when ON the Market.

✅7.18: Price Reductions Tips, Tricks, Rules.

Section 8: Buyers.

✅8.1: Setting The Appointment.

✅8.2: Buyer Appointments: Arriving at the Appointment Icebreaking.

✅8.3: Buyer Appointments: The Search & The “Yellow Page” Strategy

✅8.4: Here’s Where Most Agents Fail with Buyers.

✅8.5: Showings

✅8.6: Converting to an Offer: The Pitch.

✅8.7: The Anti Pitch: The Trust Builder.

✅8.8: Typical Buyer Concerns.

✅8.9: When to Refer.

✅8.10: “We Want to Sleep on It.”

Section 9: Investors.

✅9.1: Finding Motivated Investors.

✅9.2: How to Make Investors Happy.

✅9.3: Referrals FROM Investors.

✅9.4: Building a Brand Around Investors.

✅9.5: The Investors You Don’t Want [Spaghetti]

Section 10: Contracts.


✅10.2: The Best Two Tips for Writing Quality Contracts: Read, Question, Ask.

✅10.3: Impressing Clients: The Story.

✅10.4: Great Agents do THIS — Bad Get it Wrong Every Time. IT GETS DEALS.

✅10.5: Changes to Contracts — This SPEEDS Closing Deals.

✅10.6: Highlighting < ONLY The Best Do This.

✅10.7: Contingency Removals [Two Common Styles].

✅10.8: Templating, DocuSign, & Dangers.

✅10.9: Buyer’s Representation Agreements.

✅10.10: Referral Agreements.

✅10.11: Listing agreements.

✅10.12: Must Sell at Appraised Value.

✅10.13: Unlicensed Practice of Law [UPL]. When in Doubt, FIND OUT from Attorney Unsure? ASK YOUR CLIENTS!!!

Section 11: Negotiation.

✅11.1: Negotiating with Seller Clients.

✅11.2: Negotiating with Buyer Clients.

✅11.3: Negotiating with Other Agents.

✅11.4: Negotiating with Contractors on Behalf of Clients.

Section 12: Coordination of Services.

✅12.1: Coordinating Renovations: Introductions.

✅12.2: Setting Budgets < Crucial Step #1 Outlined.

✅12.3: Bids & Tips.

✅12.4: Scheduling & Visiting / MUSTS.

✅12.5: Reserves < MY BIGGEST FAILURE.

Section 13: Trust Funds.


✅13.2: The ONLY Time I START Work & The Trust Fund Log.

✅13.3: Example Trust Fund Quickbooks Log.

✅13.4: Bonding for Employees.

✅13.5: Addendum & Reconciliation Period < DO THIS. With Download.

Section 14: Inspections & Appraisals.

✅14.1: RESELLING THE DEAL & Who's present at Inspections.

✅14.2: Appraisal MUSTS.

✅14.3: Recommended Buyer Inspections, SEWER HACK, and Course of Action.

✅14.4: Recommended Seller Inspections.

✅14.5: Tenants (Sales, Showings, Inspections) and NEVER SAY THESE WORDS < Deal Killer!

Section 15: Valuations.

✅15.1: Your Market-Data Spreadsheet.

✅15.2: Price per Square Foot DANGER.

✅15.3: MLS Comps, Adjustments, and Valuing Priorities.

✅15.4: Off-MLS Comps.

Section 16: BPOs, Short Sales, Probate, & Foreclosures.

✅16.1: Doing BPOs.

✅16.2: Handling Short Sales (Best Practices).

✅16.3: Getting an REO Account.

✅16.4: Distressed Sales for Buyers.

Section 17: Relationships with Lenders, Title, Insurance, and Attorneys.

✅17.1: Strategies for building relationships with Vendors & Expectations.

Section 18: Motivation.

✅18.1: How to Stay Motivated.

✅18.2: Change Money Tricks.

✅18.3: Routine Money Tricks.

Section 19: Employees.

✅19.1: Hire SLOW Fire FAST: An Introduction to Employees.

✅19.2: The 1099 Support Staff and VAs.

✅19.3: Salary vs Hourly vs 1099.

✅19.4: Team Members

✅19.5: Worker's Comp & Records.

Section 20: The Office.

✅20.1: Where Should you Have an Office?

✅20.2: Postal Mail Boxes.

✅20.3: Faxing.

Section 21: Incorporation.

✅21.1: Costs of incorporating.

✅21.2: Important rules for incorporating.

Section 22: Insurances.

✅22.1: Worker’s Comp.

✅22.2: E&O / Professional vs General Liability

✅22.3: Umbrellas & Recommendation.

Section 23: Equipment.

✅23.1: Printer

✅23.2: Scanner

✅23.3: Thoughts on iPads

✅23.4: Laptops

Section 24: File Storage.

✅ 24.1 File Storage and MUSTS.

Section 25: Closing & Reviews.

✅ 25.1 Closing & Reviews. WHERE TO POST & HOW TO.

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