Make Money And Build Passive Income With YouTube From A #1 Trending Creator

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The tricks in this course have helped me build a business that last year has generated over $500,000 per month. 

Learn my algorithm secrets, video content blueprints, and editing hacks to build, monetize and scale a YouTube channel as fast as possible.


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Learn Essential YouTube Channel Building Lessons Like...

  • Can you Make Good Money Fast? (Spoiler: Yes: Proof of $1,000,000+ Ad Revenue).
  • My Algorithm Plan including the Perfect Video Length, the Algorithm's Engagement Myth, and SEO Topics.
  • The highest-paid sectors on Youtube, the best engagement strategies, and the biggest dangers.
  • Why videos fail and the most common mistakes made on Youtube.
  • The TRUTH about viral videos.
  • My complete editing workflow, including all of my tricks of the trade on setup, audio, and editing.
  • My 5 steps to producing content FAST (this is worth the full price for the course alone).
  • ... & SO MUCH MORE, including monetization, basic business setup, collaborations!


What if you could take all my YouTube tricks and download them into your mind -- for you to use and for you to profit from?

The tricks in this course have helped me build a business that in 2021 generated over $500,000 per month. 

That’s almost 14x the national median annual salary in one month.

This course shares ALL of the secrets with you that I’ve used to build my channel over 1,700,000 subscribers and how I made it to #1 on trending and now have over 460,163,092 channel views.

This course is unique - not only will it tell you my Youtube secrets, but you’ll learn valuable strategies like my secret 5-minute edit trick and hacks that allow me to publish 5 ultra-high quality news videos in a high-news day. Plus, you'll learn how to monetize your channel outside of Youtube with affiliates, partnerships, courses, and sponsors.

Haven't really gotten the ball rolling on your channel yet?

Great, I'll show you how to get started right.

Already have some momentum and want to get to that next level?

Perfect, I'll show you how to scale things up to the next level.

This course tells all from A to Z.

Remember, I started from scratch so I know how to get you from where you are now to massive viewership and income.

This course is right for you if any of these ring true...

🔰 Have ZERO Video/Film/Speaking Experience.

🔰 Have SOME Video/Film/Speaking.

🔰 You're Looking for Passive Income and Cashflow.

🔰 You're Looking for a Side-Hustle to Build Wealth.

🔰 You Have Little Startup Money (you don't need much to start).

🔰 You Speak English (useful globally / internationally).

If you know me and my story, you know that I was a guy working at Jamba Juice with no special knowledge or connections.

I started with nothing and have built a 1.78 Million subscriber base of viewers and 460,163,092 views.

Thinking about how far I've come is pretty crazy.

I work now, not because I have to. I do it because I'm passionate about helping others learn from my mistakes and gain any perspectives I've found on my journey.

If I had to tell you one thing about reaching your YouTube creator goals, it would be this: START TODAY. This is a long-term game.

"Where would I even begin, or what would I do next?"

Well, that's why I created this course...

To help you get started and grow a passive income with the power of YouTube.

I break everything down for you in an organized, easy-to-understand way.

I'll talk about how you should start, including naming, design, and your first video.

We'll cover the six most important aspects of ANY video.

Not sure about your on-video charisma? I'll teach you about tonality, reading, and emotion.

If you know how to master story-telling and subject matter, you'll be able to hook your audience and keep them coming back for more. That's why I'll be covering the art of storytelling and relatability.

How about your tech skills? I'll provide you with a QUICKSTART guide to your set, including camera, lights, and acoustics setup.

We'll also dive into extremely important audio rules and all my editing secrets.

You'll get a cheat sheet of the FULL gear list and demonstration.

I'll teach you my Signature 5-Minute Edit (how I can post 3-5 videos per day BY MYSELF) with the secret steps to product content fast and an explanation of my tools.

I'll also break down

Does the like button matter? You might be surprised what it really does.

What ACTUALLY matters to the algorithm.

How to Trojan Horse.

The HARD TRUTH about your audience.

...and things like the perfect video length, the algorithm's engagement MYTH, and topics to help you master YouTube.

You'll learn the "judgment test" of a video's success and the truth about viral videos.

You'll get the best engagement strategies and learn the biggest dangers.

The training in this course is essential to your YouTube success, no matter if you are a brand new beginner to YouTube or you've been working on your channel and need help getting to the next level.

Reach Your Goals Faster with YouTube.

What you'll get:

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Plus get all my extra tricks of the trade like...

  • The Rules of Collaboration
  • Shooting & Editing Thumbnails
  • The Best Internet Setup for FAST Uploads
  • Solving Youtube "Processing" Issues (Stuck at 0% or 95% or 99%)?!?!
  • Do I Need an Expensive Computer? What Should I Get?
  • My Big Mistakes and My Big Successes
  • Fair Use, Copyrights, Music, and B-Roll Licenses (Recommendations).
  • AND Two Important Things to Include in ALL Videos.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course start and finish?
  • The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. I also keep adding content to it on a regular basis, so always check back for more updates which are included for free.
  • Is this course for beginners or advanced creators?

This course will be wide-ranging, covering topics for all creators, including beginner, intermediate, & advanced topics.

  • New creators will learn ground-up knowledge from how to start from scratch and scale to a seasoned creator.
  • Advanced creators will benefit from learning everything I do behind the scenes, including secret gold nuggets of my entire production setup.
  • How long will I have access for?
  • How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
  • When will the price increase?
  • Pricing for all of my courses increases regularly (almost every month), so I recommend you lock in the pricing now before it increases. You'll get ongoing access and new lectures for free as we add them into this course. There won't be a better time to join than now.

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