Most Popular: Stocks & the Psychology of Money

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  • Fundamental Stock Analysis
  • Stock Trading, Margin, Options, Technical Analysis
  • Negotiating Raises and Employment Tricks
  • Tax Suggestions and Strategies for Retiring Early
  • Family Finance
  • Passive Income and Entrepreneurship

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GOLD is great for those with limited time looking for short, to-the-point, crash-course style information.

You'll receive 21+ NOOBvsPRO courses and ALL FUTURE NOOBvsPRO content.

Topics include how to:

1. Buy Your First House

2. NEVER Pay Taxes in America

3. How to Renovate Real Estate

4. Fundamentally Analyze Stocks

5. Start a PROFITABLE Side Hustle

6. Boost Your Productivity

7. How to Negotiate Any Deal & Win

8. Sell Anything to Anyone

9. Speak & Present with Confidence

10. And many more to help you grow your long term wealth with stocks, real estate, and business.


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PLATINUM includes all of GOLD, and also comes with the dive-deep courses on:

1. Stocks & The Psychology of Money

2. Making Money w/ AI

3. $0 to Millionaire Real Estate Investing

4. DIY Property Management & Rental Renovations

5. Real Estate Sales

6. Making Money With YouTube Videos


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  • Buy & Sell Alerts
  • Real Estate Deal Analysis

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DIAMOND includes all of PLATINUM and every course Kevin has ever AND will ever make.

DIAMOND also comes with an unimaginable EXPERIENCE with Kevin: We’ll fly you out to Meet Kevin, then you’ll get to spend an entire day with the team and Meet Kevin as you shadow him for a day hunting for real estate, join him for lunch and dinner, and get a free StackHack Financial Analysis.

  • All Future Full-Blown Courses
  • 1x Shadow Kevin Buying Real Estate
  • 1x Round Trip Ticket to Kevin (Within US; Economy)
  • 1x Night Stay in Hotel
  • StackHack Personalized Wealth Plan ($1,900 Value)

Highly Recommended: $0 to Millionaire Real Estate Investing

Diversify your wealth, build cash flow, and leverage tax benefits.

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  • The art of negotiation and deal-making
  • Build your net worth with Wedge Deals
  • Find cash flow and passive income to be a "lifestyle millionaire" investor
  • Communicate with contractors, agents, lenders
  • How to start from $0, $20k, $150k or $500k
  • How to invest at 19 vs. 30 vs. 50+ years old

Get 31 Case Studies: The Wealth Plan Library

Kevin has created wealth plans for all sorts of people: married, single, high-income, lower-income, higher net worth, lower net worth, entrepreneurs, employees, and many more. Learn from his feedback in this ultimate case study collection!