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  • Fundamental Stock Analysis
  • Stock Trading, Margin, Options, Technical Analysis
  • Negotiating Raises and Employment Tricks
  • Tax Strategies and Ideas for Retiring Early
  • Family Finance
  • Passive Income and Entrepreneurship

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3 Days of Finance, Innovation, and Real Estate.

  • Meet Kevin, Ben Mallah, Cathie Wood, Chris Camillo, and more at the Rio in Vegas!
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    June 21st: 4pm Check in, 5pm-8:00pm with light Dinner for All.
    June 22nd: 9am-5:30pm
    June 22nd VIP Dinner with Select Speakers:
    7:30-9:30 (Different location.)

    June 23rd: 9am-5:30pm


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GOLD is great for those with limited time looking for short, to-the-point, crash-course style information.

You'll receive 21+ NOOBvsPRO courses and ALL FUTURE NOOBvsPRO content.

Topics include how to:

1. Buy Your First House

2. NEVER Pay Taxes in America

3. How to Renovate Real Estate

4. Fundamentally Analyze Stocks

5. Start a PROFITABLE Side Hustle

6. Boost Your Productivity

7. How to Negotiate Any Deal & Win

8. Sell Anything to Anyone

9. Speak & Present with Confidence

10. And many more to help you grow your long term wealth with stocks, real estate, and business.


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PLATINUM includes all of GOLD, and also comes with the dive-deep courses on:

1. Stocks & The Psychology of Money

2. Making Money w/ AI

3. $0 to Millionaire Real Estate Investing

4. DIY Property Management & Rental Renovations

5. Real Estate Sales

6. Making Money With YouTube Videos


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  • Real Estate Deal Analysis

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DIAMOND includes all of PLATINUM and every course Kevin has ever AND will ever make.

DIAMOND also comes with an unimaginable EXPERIENCE with Kevin: We’ll fly you out to Meet Kevin, then you’ll get to spend an entire day with the team and Meet Kevin as you shadow him for a day, hunting for real estate, joining him for lunch and dinner, and talking with him and the team all along the way.

  • All Future Full-Blown Courses
  • Kevin's Wealth Plan Library
  • 1x Shadow Kevin Buying Real Estate
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  • 1x Night Stay in Hotel

Recommended: $0 to Millionaire Real Estate Investing

Diversify your wealth, build cash flow, and leverage tax benefits.

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  • The art of negotiation and deal-making
  • Build your net worth with Wedge Deals
  • Find cash flow and passive income to be a "lifestyle millionaire" investor
  • Communicate with contractors, agents, lenders
  • How to start from $0, $20k, $150k or $500k
  • How to invest at 19 vs. 30 vs. 50+ years old

P.S. Since you've scrolled all the way down here, you may be looking for something a little different. Kevin has filmed 37 financial advice case studies from clients he served from many different walks of life. Chances are someone was in a similar situation as you are - and Kevin laid out how he'd recommend they get to the next level. Clients have paid upwards of $1,490 for their custom financial advice video. Here, you can get the 37 recordings for just $175. Click here for the *secret* link.

The library includes videos created as financial advice for past clients who have signed up for financial advice services. Meet Kevin is no longer offering financial advice services to the public. This financial advice library does not constitute personalized financial advice and is for educational purposes only.